How searching for new home reflects your career

How searching for new home reflects your career

Finding a new home in Sofia could be a big challenge. If you want to rent a new apartment, you will see that rents are astonishingly high and property owners have a lot of requirements when choosing their next tenant. If you decide to buy an apartment you are faced with lack of choice and probably you will have to buy one which is going to be built in the next 2-3 years. Both situations not only take a lot of your time and energy, but when you are working on a tight deadline or a limited budget the situation can become even stressful.

Research shows that on average finding a new home takes at least 20 hours per month, which amounts to working a  part-time job. The time wasted and the pressure would of course reflect on your career. How? You lose your focus and cannot be as productive as usual in the office. Why? See this example of a day in the life of someone looking for a new home:

  • 10 am. You have just had your coffee and finished the daily meeting with your colleagues. The phone starts ringing and dozens of real estate agents call you with different offers. All of them insist for your attention and share something catchy in order to get you to a viewing.

  • 11 am. You have just finished your third talk with an agent for the past hour. You are over-excited and check the new offers online. Unfortunately you realise that those offers are not so special and they are too far from your criteria.

  • 12 am. You call the agents back to delay some of the viewings. They are disappointed and use pressure tactics to make you feel uncomfortable.

  • 1 pm. You eat a sandwich on your desk while your colleagues are having a lunch break, just because you have a viewing in 5:30 pm and have to leave the office earlier. You realize that half of the day has gone and you have not had the time to do much of your work.

  • 2:30 pm. You have just finished the most urgent tasks and decide to move forward with your main agenda. You get deep in the project you are responsible for when the phone rings. It is a new wave of real estate agents, more offers and invitations for viewings.

  • 3:30 pm. You are tired and frustrated from all of the calls. At the same time you are stressed because you know that you haven’t done your job today and you do not know what to begin with.

  • 4 pm. An agent calls you to confirm the 5:30 pm viewing. Then another one calls you for a viewing at 7 pm.

  • 5 pm. You leave the office to go to a viewing.

  • 8 pm. You realise that you spent your whole day obsessing with real estate and you have barely done 30% of your work tasks.

On the next day you push yourself further in order to get things done for the past 2 days. You do not pick up phone till the afternoon but then you get drown back into the real estate game. This leads to you working late and on the weekends, feeling tired, unsatisfied and stressed.

Does this story sound familiar?
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