What does it take?

What does it take?

The real estate industry in Bulgaria is unregulated and anyone can claim to be a professional agent but in reality qualified agents are few. This leads to major issues which affect clients like you:

  • Fake Offers. About 40% of the rental apartments listed in real estate portals are fake offers. So you waste your time and risk to fall into a scam.

  • Chaos. Unfortunately it seems that most of the agents have no clear workflow process. They would bother you several times per day at any time with random offers. All this affects your duties in your personal and professional life.

  • Engagement. Most of the agents would arrange random viewings, just to keep the communication with you. Until in reality you want to find your apartment as soon as possible with a few viewings, not going to 15 completely irrelevant apartments.  

  • Misunderstandings. A lot of the agents, specializing in rents, lack hard and soft skills. This makes it really hard for intelligent people to communicate with and rely on them.

  • Interest. Each agent wants to take commission from both sides seller and buyer or owner and tenant. This leads to you paying a commission to  a real estate agent but you cannot 100% rely on him about your interests in order to find the optimal deal;

All these facts might make you think that real estate agents are useless. However, you should keep in mind that if you go into this on your own it will take you approximately 20+ hours to find rental apartment and 40+ hours to buy new home. Most of the time you would spend on:

  • browsing through fake offers;

  • phone calls;

  • discussing with agents several time your needs and criteria;

  • going to random viewings;

  • phone calls again;

  • hard closing when it comes to negotiations, lawyers, notary and documents;

We do know that agents can save you a lot of time, effort and money when they are experts. Therefore Antre made a service especially for BPO and IT companies in order to ensure you and your colleagues get the best deal. It is clear that the process works much better and safe for everyone when there is а commitment to both sides. So once your company chooses to work with Antre we would completely commit to ensure you get incredible deals with less expenses. Why? Because our goal is to scale up by providing a top class service to intelligent customers and building a loyal client base.

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